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  • ECBU 2013 Quarters and Semis Recap – Mixed 20:06 - Jun 29 Skyd Magazine

    Quarterfinals Friday promised to be nothing but hard games in the Mixed division. After pool play, the top teams separated into the championship bracket and the quarterfinals were set to go off like fireworks. And one game that definitely started with a bang was the highly anticipated matchup between Ireland and Great Britain. Coming off a [...]

  • ECBU 2013 Quarters and Semis Recap – Open 19:06 - Jun 29 Skyd Magazine

    As Open quarterfinal round started, the wind was at it’s calmest point of the weekend. This allowed some of the higher-seeded teams to advance to the semifinals without ever being seriously threatened with elimination. Great Britain’s defense denied Belgium their primary options, as their top receiver, Jasper Looniens did not score a single goal, and [...]

  • ECBU 2013 Quarters and Semis Recap – Women’s 18:06 - Jun 29 Skyd Magazine

    All quarterfinals games went as expected in the Women’s division, even if early on it looked like there were some potential upsets brewing. Russia easily handled a tired Latvia 13-3, and Great Britain started out with a big lead on France, eventually winning 11-9. However, in the other two quarters, Austria was surprisingly able to [...]

  • ECBU 2013 Day 1 and 2 Masters Recap 09:06 - Jun 29 Skyd Magazine

    For the first time in an international beach championship, ECBU2013 has brought 4 separate masters divisions to Calafell: Open Masters, Women’s Masters, Mixed Masters, and Grandmasters. Here’s a quick rundown of the divisions and how they’re shaking out: Open Masters, which is officially open to anyone age 33 or over, is the biggest master division [...]

  • ECBU Day 2 Video Recap 00:06 - Jun 29 Skyd Magazine

  • Get Horizontal Beach Party PICTURE REPORT 23:06 - Jun 28 Get Horizontal

    So, as you may have noticed before, Get Horizontal is teaming up with @Skyd Magazine at the European Championships of Beach Ultimate. Writing daily newsletters and participating in the huge work that is making a daily video recap, we hardly had the time to promote...

  • ECBU 2013 Friday Open Prequarters Recap 21:06 - Jun 28 Skyd Magazine

    The evening prequarter round in the open division featured several games that came down to the final point. In the windiest conditions of the tournament so far, some of the top seeds were able to take care of business quickly, while others were pushed to their limits. Here’s what happened: Switzerland (A1) vs. Ireland (B8) [...]

  • ECBU Day 2 Recap – Mixed 20:06 - Jun 28 Skyd Magazine

    Mixed pool play got exciting on Friday as stakes got higher. A pool-by-pool recap: In Pool A, Germany and Sweden have been dominating all weekend, crushing all opponents and staying undefeated until the final game of pool play, where they faced each other. Both teams came out wanting to outclass their opponent, but only one [...]

  • ECBU Day 2 Recap – Women’s 19:06 - Jun 28 Skyd Magazine

    Friday got out to an intense early start for the Women’s division as the 1 and 2 seeds faced off in the last round of pool play. I was witness to a barnburner of a game between France and GB, where both teams started out trading points until a key timeout by France allowed them [...]

  • The Grapevine - 28/06 16:06 - Jun 28 The ShowGame

    Check out the latest Ultimate media from home and abroad on this week's The Grapevine... A short, but thought-provoking post on Benji's excellent understanding ultimate talks about the importance of reacting after turnovers... Whilst you're at it check out the full footage of Bad Skid (GER) vs. Chiniya Rada (USA) - a game that some people are calling the best open final ever seen at the Windmill Windup... In this week's UtalkRaw Barry talks to Si Hill about the future directions of [...]

  • ECBU 2013 – Friday Open Pool Play 13:06 - Jun 28 Skyd Magazine

    As pool play wrapped up this morning, only one pool’s top seed exited their first three games unscathed. Here’s what happened. Pool A After each team won both their games on Thursday, Switzerland (1) and France (2) squared off for the top spot in the pool. Switzerland struck first, as David Moser came down hard [...]

  • ECBU Day 1 Video Recap 01:06 - Jun 28 Skyd Magazine

  • ECBU Day 1 Recap – Open 23:06 - Jun 27 Skyd Magazine

    On the opening day, teams displayed a wide range of strategies for coping with a surprisingly strong wind. Some teams were happy to play for field position, hucking early and often. Others chose to play conservative offenses that didn’t take risky deep shots. Some teams played mostly zone and junk defenses that forced lots of [...]

  • ECBU Day 1 Recap – Women’s 23:06 - Jun 27 Skyd Magazine

    The ECBU2013 women’s division has begun, with plenty of warm sun, warm sand, and warm greetings between these players from 16 countries, who know each other well. It has also begun with plenty of wind, keeping the games more interesting, and the players and spectators in more clothes than anyone would have preferred. But, wind [...]

  • ECBU Day 1 Recap – Mixed 23:06 - Jun 27 Skyd Magazine

    Mixed ultimate has been on the rise in Europe for many years now and day one of the ECBU was no exception. Hosting 18 teams, the level in this biggest division was high, wins were big and defeats were disappointing. Pool A included both European powerhouses Sweden and Germany, but there were no surprises here. [...]

  • Tournament Central: ECBU 2013 10:06 - Jun 27 Skyd Magazine

    Skyd’s beloved Tournament Central is back for ECBU 2013. Check the links below to follow all Skyd coverage and find out all pertinent information about the tournament. Important Links – scores, rosters, standings, blog/social media feeds Live Streaming All games from the Arena (Field 1) will be streamed live over and the NexGen [...]

  • ECBU 2013 Preview 10:06 - Jun 26 The ShowGame

    David Pryce, Josh Coxon Kelly and Lauren Bryant bring the ECBU preview as seen on SkyD Magazine a couple weeks ago. With only 1 day to go get behind our GB squads and follow them at

    Number of active players: - approx 3000, (106 at ECBU).
    Notable beach tournaments: Sunburn, Copa del Soul, C.U.B.E, Frostbite, Quicksands, West Coast Fours, Sandcastle.
    Past participation in beach championships: WCBU 2004, WCBU 2007, WCBU 2011.
    Division participation at ECBU 2013: [...]

  • ECBU 2013 Country Preview: Austria 08:06 - Jun 26 Skyd Magazine

    Number of active players: ~600 Notable beach tournaments: Sandsplash, Beach National Championship Past participation in beach championships: WCBU 2004, WCBU 2007, ECBU 2008, WCBU 2011 Division participation at ECBU 2013: Women, Mixed, Open Masters, Mixed Masters, Open Grand Masters Austria does not have any beaches left over from the imperial days but going to the [...]

  • ECBU 2013 Country Preview: Ireland 09:06 - Jun 25 Skyd Magazine

    Number of active players: ~600 Notable beach tournaments: Beaches Be Crazy Past participation in beach championships: WCBU 2004, WCBU 2007, ECBU 2008, WCBU 2011 Division participation at ECBU 2013: Open, Mixed When one thinks about ultimate in Ireland, the last place that comes to mind is the beach. Generally speaking, Ireland is a wet and [...]

  • Get Horizontal’s ECBU Preview – Going To The Beach ! 06:06 - Jun 25 Get Horizontal

    First of all let me tell you this : GET HORIZONTAL will be teaming up with SKYD MAGAZINE. Joining forces with the main online Ultimate magazine in the world is the best option we had to provide you with professional coverage so be on the...

  • ECBU 2013 Country Preview: Belgium 11:06 - Jun 24 Skyd Magazine

    Number of active players: ~800 Notable beach tournaments: Belgian Beach Cup Past participation in beach championships: WCBU2004, ECBU 2008, WCBU2011 Division participation at ECBU 2013: Open, Mixed, Women, Open Masters, Mixed Masters Belgium has a rich tradition when it comes to ultimate. The sport goes back throughout the eighties when the Leuven team Jet Set, formerly [...]

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