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Scoreboard: United European Islands

1Nicky ChapmanUnited European Islands8106016
2Jussi KitusuoUnited European Islands876013
3Aaron Enriquez AlonsoUnited European Islands8111012
4Morris StarlingUnited European Islands884012
5Sergio GhilardiUnited European Islands846010
6Andreas DammUnited European Islands83609
7Andreas GottschlichUnited European Islands82608
8Peter JakobUnited European Islands84408
9Mikhail ZharkovskiyUnited European Islands88008
10Carles SarrinatUnited European Islands82507
11Sebastian GlogerUnited European Islands83407
12Quentin WateletUnited European Islands83306
13Quirze Rovira CastellàUnited European Islands83205
14Jess HansenUnited European Islands83003
15Ivan TerekhovUnited European Islands82002

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