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Selected questions from our interview with captain Jaimie Cross:

Talk us through the selection process for your team.

Dave [Ford] and I applied to run the team in July 2012. Applicants completed a detailed paper application process, designed to identify players who were already committed to their physical preparation, had high-level tournament experience, and were willing to create the right environment for success. Two trials were held in October and November 2012. A couple of players turned up sporting embryonic moustaches, so I picked them. Final selection took place after Paganello.

How has your team's season gone so far? What tournaments have you played?

Our major preparation was playing Paganello. We had an amazing tournament, however we did not deliver in the quarterfinals against CUSB, and finished 7th, also winning spirit. We know the standard we are capable of and it is now just about delivering at the right time.

Which teams are you looking forward to playing against the most in Spain and why? Who do you think will be the big contenders for the title in your division?

We are looking forward to lots of highly competitive and highly spirited games. Suisse are a great team, and are always worthy opposition. Deutschland and España are also respected opponents, but I would say Italia are the tournament favourites, so it is games like these that we will relish.

What do you think are the most important skills needed for Beach Ultimate?

Keeping your mouth closed while laying out and playing with a hangover are vital. Looking good in sand socks.
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ECBU 2013 roster:

Name Games Assists Goals Tot.
#86 Alex Cragg84812
#43 Chris White8235
#42 Chris Whittle8639
#11 David Ford86410
#54 David Salisbury85510
#23 David Stobbs8538
#15 Elliott More8347
#52 Harry Geller8102131
#10 Jaimie Cross819322
#8 James Baron8437
#76 Kai Yokoo Laurence8448
#81 Magnus Wilson8448
#27 Paul Sarjeant851116
#4 Richard Roberts83710
#28 Richard Taylor8639
#2 Stuart Greer8459

ECBU 2013:

Division: Open

Great Britain - Hungary 13 - 4  Game play
Great Britain - Latvia 10 - 11  Game play
Great Britain - Spain 11 - 5  Game play
Ukraine - Great Britain 8 - 11  Game play
Portugal - Great Britain 3 - 13  Game play
Belgium - Great Britain 8 - 13  Game play
Germany - Great Britain 9 - 12  Game play
Switzerland - Great Britain 11 - 8 Final  Game play

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