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Selected questions from our interview with captain Miki Martinec:

How has your team's season gone so far? What tournaments have you played?

We are really trying to pass the responsibilities to the players and their teams. We rely on that they train hard and are physically ready for ECBU. We do not want to add unnecessary additional appointments to their already ultimate stressed calendars by organizing practices on beach soccer fields which are too small for a decent ultimate practice. For getting comfortable with the playbook and for team building we had one practice on sand and have also attended BUM in May in Berlin. BUM is a great tournament where we were able to play against strong beach teams like Spain, German Zamperl and the young Polish national team. We actually won that tournament and also had lots of fun together besides the field which was nice :-).

Which teams are you looking forward to playing against the most in Spain and why?

I would say we would enjoy the most to meet Spain again. We had two great games at BUM and in the second one they really managed to improve and gave us a hard time. So we would like to see if they were able to improve even more for their home tournament. They had a great spirit also. Then also GB. We almost have a tradition of having great games against each other.

Who do you think will be the big contenders for the title in your division?

Germany, GB, Italy, France. For beach though, you never really know what kind of teams will finally appear on the field. If they have a good squad and do a lot right then they all have a big chance of ending up in the finals.

What is your favourite beach tournament? Why?

BUM. We were there in May and we had a blast! They have a venue in the middle of Berlin with I think 47 beach volleyball fields. Some of them were used for the tournament and so we had almost original sized beach fields in the middle of the city!

ECBU 2013 roster:

Name Games Assists Goals Tot.
#5 Armin Ambühl8549
#57 Ary Vaistij8156
#50 Basil Furrer891019
#77 David Moser811314
#69 Fabio Jacomet8167
#21 Harald Ohla811112
#37 Jan Tenger811920
#29 Lorenz Stauffer825833
#99 Lukas Ruckstuhl8235
#67 Mario Baumann88311
#11 Mario Jacomet8516
#80 Michael Martinec89110
#13 Pedro Schmid8325
#32 Simon Achermann8527
#82 Ste Thiébaud8099
#17 Tore Harms8224

ECBU 2013:

Division: Open

Switzerland - Portugal 13 - 2  Game play
Switzerland - Belgium 11 - 8  Game play
Switzerland - France 12 - 10  Game play
Switzerland - Russia 10 - 9  Game play
Switzerland - Ireland 13 - 1  Game play
Switzerland - France 11 - 7  Game play
Switzerland - Ukraine 10 - 7  Game play
Switzerland - Great Britain 11 - 8 Final  Game play

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