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Select questions from our interview with captains Charlotte Disle and Aline Mondiot:

Talk us through the selection process for your team.

We wanted to keep a solid group from Lignano, but didn't want to miss some talents, there were 2 selection rounds. 25 girls applied and our staff selected 16 of them to form the best and most coherent team.

How has your team's season gone so far? What tournaments have you played?

After the 2 selections rounds (2 full week-ends), we planned for 3 training weekends and 3 tournaments. We played in Spain for the Crema Beach Challenge (4th place), in Paganello (8th place) and in Berlin for the BUM (1st place !) So we are very proud of our season, the team had progress step by step, and this last victory gave us some ideas for Europeans...

Which teams are you looking forward to playing against the most in Spain and why?

We are ready to play each teams. The women division is very big this year, so we have to keep an eye on those new teams in Beach (Latvia, Poland, Czech). Of course we're looking for the "big" teams like GB or Germany, but I think we would like to play one more time against Finland or Danemark, because our last games were great and tight and we really want to beat them at the best moment of the season :-) !

Who do you think will be the big contenders for the title in your division?

I imagine GB will come in Spain for the title, and nothing else, after their bronze medal in Worlds. But with 16 teams involved this year we can live many upsets in the seeding !

ECBU 2013 roster:

Name Games Assists Goals Tot.
#2 Alexia Chassigneux811314
#18 Aline Mondiot820323
#16 Audrey Chautard8213
#6 Audrey Richard8505
#77 Blandine Bertin801313
#31 Cécile Rognon84610
#25 Céline Scala83710
#14 Charlotte Disle85712
#45 Coralie Delion8224
#11 Haude Hermand814014
#8 Magali Schembri8156
#93 Marie-Sophie Nguyen-Tu8246
#23 Mathilde Ledoux8099
#9 Maud Kaciel82810
#27 Priscille Lesne83811

ECBU 2013:

Division: Women

France - Denmark 7 - 6  Game play
France - United European Islands 13 - 1  Game play
Great Britain - France 11 - 8  Game play
France - Latvia 10 - 7  Game play
Ukraine - France 3 - 13  Game play
Great Britain - France 12 - 9  Game play
France - Austria 8 - 9  Game play
Finland - France 11 - 8  Game play

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