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Selected questions from our interview with captain Tatiana Kolombet:

Talk us through the selection process for your team.

Ukrainian national women's team is formed on the basis of Kiev's Dyki Krali and is completed with players from other cities and teams. Unlike many other teams-participants of ECBU we do not have a chance to choose best players. So we invite all who can afford to come abroad. Financial constraint is still the key limiting factor. A few really strong and experienced players will stay in Ukraine to cheer for us from the distance and of course we will miss them on the fields.

How has your team's season gone so far? What tournaments have you played?

As a national team Ukraine is formed for the first time, so ECBU will be our first international tournament. But some of our girls were on Paganello this year

Who do you think will be the big contenders for the title in your division?

Hope it will be girls from Russia :)))

ECBU 2013 roster:

Name Games Assists Goals Tot.
#26 Alla Soboleva8213
#4 Anastasiia Hrynasiuk8033
#77 Anastasiya Dzyubenko8022
#7 Ievgeniia Khmyz 8000
#88 Kristina Muratkina8000
#3 Liubov Nestorova88917
#24 Marina Z*801515
#23 Oksana Knysh8000
#2 Oksana Koziuk861117
#29 Sofiia Dunaieva8156
#11 Tatiana Kolombet823528
#27 Victoria Denysova8112
#15 Zoya Olefir811112

ECBU 2013:

Division: Women

Italy - Ukraine 12 - 5  Game play
Germany - Ukraine 13 - 5  Game play
Ukraine - Belgium 11 - 9  Game play
Ukraine - Poland 4 - 10  Game play
Ukraine - France 3 - 13  Game play
Spain - Ukraine 13 - 7  Game play
Ukraine - United European Islands 11 - 8  Game play
Czech Republic - Ukraine 10 - 8  Game play

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