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Selected questions from our interview with captain Michiel van de Leur:

Talk us through the selection process for your team.

At Worlds 2011 we had some different playing styles in our team. This did not work out for the best, so this years focus was to form the best team, not per se select the best players. With an experienced core group and some fit and strong new players we have quite a uniform group that thinks alike. Our team consists of players that know each other for a long time and is by far one of the most fun teams I ever played with!

How has your team's season gone so far? What tournaments have you played?

This year we had two major tournaments. The first one was the Nations cup in Portugal, where we just lost to France, but had a sweet 12-11 over Portugal! Last month we played Bibione; a 4day tournament with no less then 32 mixed teams. We reached the semifinals, but after some guys got injured we did not have the power to win a medal. Last weekend we had a nice scrimmage against Belgium Mixed Masters and Netherlands Open Masters.

Which teams are you looking forward to playing against the most in Spain and why?

At Worlds we had some universe losses against Italy and France, we are all eager to face them again and show our strength this year! The Irish are always a fun team to play against; we beat them universe point in the opening game two year ago, but they are looking stronger than ever.

What will make ECBU a success for you? And for your team?

We had a long team discussion this year that included our goals. Besides finishing in the top half, we made a clear objective to finish in the top half of spirit. After Worlds we decided that we could improve our spirit and this year we put a lot of effort to master all the rules precisely.

ECBU 2013 roster:

Name Games Assists Goals Tot.
#4 Ben Fleis0000
#25 Carly Blair8909
#23 Eddy van der Kloot813518
#7 Galen Campbell89514
#2 Hilco Beukema2123
#19 Jon Stoltzfus86814
#22 Joram Mossink815217
#34 justine van der Meulen841620
#17 Linda Schipper811011
#8 Marieke Buijs8437
#1 Michiel van de Leur8279
#0 Nan DeRosa84610
#11 Patricia Verhoelst8134
#81 Rogier Postma84610
#33 Tim van Caubergh 1000

ECBU 2013:

Division: Mixed

Netherlands - United European Islands 13 - 8  Game play
Netherlands - Turkey 7 - 9  Game play
Ireland - Netherlands 10 - 8  Game play
Great Britain - Netherlands 7 - 5  Game play
Poland - Netherlands 8 - 10  Game play
Netherlands - Austria 10 - 6  Game play
Spain - Netherlands 8 - 7  Game play
Netherlands - Switzerland 13 - 7  Game play

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