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Selected questions from our interview with captain Kory Malone:

Talk us through the selection process for your team.

The selection process started over a year ago and began with a list of interested players. We then played together in Italy in September and once again had a weekend together in March at Calafel to train and make the final selection.

How has your team's season gone so far? What tournaments have you played?

In terms of a "season" as such we unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to play together in any tournaments. This is because various members of the team have had previous commitments, time/money/family conflicts etc ... Normal stuff for a group our age. That said, most individual players are playing with their own teams at a variety of tournaments. I know many went to Paganello, Costa Brava, G-Spot, Missuldisc, Calafell Arena and others.

Who do you think will be the big contenders for the title in your division?

The big contenders? That´s a tough one. Obviously, I think Germany will field a strong team as will France, Austria (teams that did well at World´s). Of course there´s GB and Portugal and italy are always strong. I really like the way Portugal plays on the beach. Russia is a bit of a mystery for me but I´m certain they´ll come out gunning from the reputation they have. Again, and as I said before, at this level I expect every team to be very strong and well prepared. We can´t look past anyone and any team could win it all.

Where do you think your team will finish?

I'm not going to venture a guess as to where Spain will finish. We did quite well at Worlds - losing to the U.S. in the semifinals and while we would have liked to have won the gold medal we were very proud of that result. Just as exciting for us was winning the Spirit Award. I've played frisbee for a long time and I think that I can speak for others who were on that team when I say being announced the Spirit Winner remains one of my greatest frisbee memories.

ECBU 2013 roster:

Name Games Assists Goals Tot.
#2 Albert Mallada8077
#77 Alberto Gilsanz811213
#15 Elvio Hernandez Suarez811718
#33 Ignacio Arcos Gavira8718
#44 Javier Durántez831316
#32 Javier Traspaderme8134
#37 Jesús Muñoz Senovilla8156
#11 Juan Alfonso Betancor Fontes8358
#43 Juan Jose Rivero Urdaneta8415
#13 Kory Malone8404
#6 Miguel Perez819221
#52 Milton Torres8404
#9 Nicolas Chauveau8729
#0 Pablo Gonzalez8426
#19 Rodrigo Mogollón Pereda83811
#71 Tim Kohlstadt816319
#3 Uwe Schmid8314

ECBU 2013:

Division: Open Masters

Spain - Russia 10 - 7  Game play
Spain - Switzerland 13 - 8  Game play
Spain - Germany 11 - 6  Game play
Spain - Belgium 13 - 3  Game play
Great Britain - Spain 13 - 7  Game play
Netherlands - Spain 10 - 8  Game play
Germany - Spain 13 - 7  Game play
Spain - Russia 13 - 7  Game play

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